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Are you looking for a game for a special occassion? Perhaps you want a game set around a particular theme, event or person? Maybe you need a game for a specific number of people. Whatever your requirements, we can write a game especially for you, tailored to meet the specific needs of your events. Find out more about commissioned games by emailing us for a no obligation quote.



Are you wanting a unique hen night that your friends will remember for a long time to come? Then why not surprise them with MASQUERADE, our glamorous murder mystery written especially for hen nights.

We specialise in private parties, to ensure your night is really special. Minimum number of 8 guests applies.

Find out more about MASQUERADE and why a Blue Murder Event makes a hen night to remeber by following the link below. Alternatively, email hennights@bluemurderevents.co.uk



What is a Blue Murder Event Independent Host?


Blue Murder Events is a Scottish based company. We are looking to spread our geographic coverage by recruiting Independent Hosts to run our Events in their home area. Working for themselves, our Hosts market our murder mystery evenings, source bookings and then organise and run the event.

Gosh, that sounds complicated!

Don?t worry! Our Events are designed to be easy to run and our step-by-step instructions, tailored for each game, will ensure your events run smoothly. Our Head Office team are always on hand to answer your questions and to help out in any way we can.

What type of person is a Blue Murder Event Independent Host?

Most importantly, we want people who are passionate about running their own business. There is no doubt you will get out of Blue Murder Events what put in ? but you have to have the enthusiasm and drive to get your business off the ground. Of course, we will be supporting you all the way, but ultimately, your success as an Independent Host is down to you.

You will require great organisational skills and an out-going personality ? remember you will be organising and running events for up to 100 guests.

Professionalism is a must ? you may well be dealing with corporate clients as well as private parties.


Are there targets to meet?


Not at all. We offer a highly flexible working solution. You can host as many or as few events as you like. There is no pressure from Blue Murder Events and we will never ask you to meet targets.


Is this a Party Planning scheme?


It?s similar. For a start you work independently, growing your own business. You?re not an employee of Blue Murder Events. Our Head Office team are on hand to help and advise you, to promote your business and to supply you with a quality product.

But we?re not a direct selling organisation, so you don?t have to worry about turning up at an event and trying to sell as much as you can.

What is the payment structure?


Unlike party planning schemes, we don?t work on a commission basis. We allow you to set your own price for you events. This way, you can control how much money you make and ensure the prices you set are the most appropriate for your target market.

In addition to this, we will be running incentive schemes and offering prizes throughout the year.


Is there a set up cost?


We have kept our set up cost to the very minimum possible. Registration as a Host costs ?30, which will also buy you your Host Starter Pack which will include promotional flyers, game directories, business cards, as well as a 50% off voucher for your first event ? we recommend you use this to run a ?practice? event for family or friends.

As soon as you sign up as an Independent Host, we will pass along any enquiries for your geographical area.

How can I become a Blue Murder Event Independent Host?


You can download a Registration Form and our Terms & Conditions now.
Alternatively, email hosts@bluemurderevents.co.uk

It is 1978. Screaming Blue Murder are the hottest band on the rock ‘n' roll scene. Big hair, tight lycra, a face full of make-up, lyrics that would make your mother blush and a lock-up-your-daughters approach to dating has made the four band members heroes to just about every teenager


Here are some companies who have booked a Blue Murder Event:

  • AMS Ltd
  • Tesco
  • SpecSavers
  • The Jennifer Brown Research Trust