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Are you wanting a unique hen night that your friends will remember for a long time to come? Then why not surprise them with MASQUERADE, our glamorous murder mystery written especially for hen nights.

We specialise in private parties, to ensure your night is really special. Minimum number of 8 guests applies.

Find out more about MASQUERADE and why a Blue Murder Event makes a hen night to remeber by following the link below. Alternatively, email hennights@bluemurderevents.co.uk


Open Wounds
Game Description


It is 1968. Earlier, the last putt had been holed at Carnoustie and Larry Gaype has taken the title for the third year in a row. A celebratory dinner has been arranged in the clubhouse this evening. The Champions Dinner is a tradition dreaded by the golfers, their wives and just about everybody else involved in the game. But a tradition is a tradition so the dinner must go ahead. As usual, tension is in the air. Old rivalries bubble just below the surface: dirty looks are exchanged, gossip is whispered and old wounds opened up once again ? and that?s just the golfers? wives! Caught in the middle and trying to keep the peace are the golfers? caddies. Used to appeasing their employers, whether it?s on the course or off, a caddy?s job extends far beyond recommending which club to use. But tonight is about more than just petty rivalries. For somebody, it?s become far more serious than that. From the locker room comes a scream. Luke Gergory, Larry Gaype?s caddy, lies dead in a pool of blood? Tonight is definitely about more than just petty rivalries? …

The Guest List

Here is list of those attending the Open Championship Celebratory Dinner

Larry Gaype
-Winner, 1968 Open Championship (again)

Maggie Gaype - Larry?s wife. Behind ever great man is a fantastic wife!

Percy Ballis - Runner-up, 1968 Open Championship (second best again!).

Anita Ballis Ambitious Anita was desperate for Percy to win this year.

Leftie Roberts - ?Leftie? is the only left-handed player on the circuit

Jessie Roberts - As a Carnoustie local, it was no surprise Jessie ended up marrying a golfer.

Barrie Banns - Convinced it was his year, Barrie is devastated not to be in the top three.

Jacqueline Banns - Jacqueline prayed last night Barrie would get a place in the top three. Looks like she didn?t pray hard enough..

Trev Elinoe - Up and coming American star. Self-confidence is not a problem for Trev

Cassandra Bell- Yawn! Golf is such a bore! But Cassandra loves the attention of being with Trev!

Chicory Nortons - He might not be the best, but Chicory is a real hit with the fans.

Abigail Sharpless - Young, pretty, clever and witty. The perfect partner for Chicory Nortons.

'Slick' Naujak - Blond, handsome and Norwegian, ?Slick? gets all the best advertising endorsements.

Frida Naujak - A hectic schedule touring with her highly successful pop band means Frida only made it to Carnoustie this morning..

Homer Toppents - Homer is reaching the end of his career. Loved and respected by golf fans everywhere.

Janette Toppents - Loyal Janette is so proud of everything her husband has achieved.

Nicky Jalton -Golf might be a game, but its not about fun for Nicky.

Maria Stratstone - Poor Maria. Nicky?s so obsessed with golf, he barely notices she?s there!

Tom Davies - People say Tom hasn?t got the mental strength for top-flight golf.

Michelle Davies - Michelle would rather be at home with her 3 kids, but her husband needs the moral support.

Summer Plunkett -A new-age therapist specialising in sports coaching.

Cpt. Douglas MacDonald - Cpt. MacDonald represents the R&A and made the trophy presentations.

Rebecca Fischer -Sharp-eyed reporter for ?Golfing Pro? magazine.

Faith Green - Catering Manageress at the Carnoustie Links Clubhouse. This has been the most stressful week of Faith?s life.

Drummond White - A Caddy at Carnoustie, Drummond knows the course like the back of his hand.

Simone Grauman - Slick Naujak?s controversial agent. She?s not afraid to put a few noses out of joint.

Bethan Dance - Waitress and feminist. It?s outrageous that women are only allowed in the clubhouse to serve the men!

Tim Levinson - Tim won the Open five times before he retired 3 years ago. Many of the players hold in him reverence.

Kelly Levinson - When Tim?s first wife tragically died, Kelly, her best friend was there to offer Tim comfort?They married 2 years ago.

Gavin Candlish - Sport?s commentator for the BBC, Gavin is a personal friend to many of the golfers.

If you would like to find out more about Open Wounds as a Blue Murder Event, please contact us

It is 1978. Screaming Blue Murder are the hottest band on the rock ‘n' roll scene. Big hair, tight lycra, a face full of make-up, lyrics that would make your mother blush and a lock-up-your-daughters approach to dating has made the four band members heroes to just about every teenager


Here are some companies who have booked a Blue Murder Event:

  • AMS Ltd
  • Tesco
  • SpecSavers
  • The Jennifer Brown Research Trust