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Are you looking for a game for a special occassion? Perhaps you want a game set around a particular theme, event or person? Maybe you need a game for a specific number of people. Whatever your requirements, we can write a game especially for you, tailored to meet the specific needs of your events. Find out more about commissioned games by emailing us for a no obligation quote.


Are you wanting a unique hen night that your friends will remember for a long time to come? Then why not surprise them with MASQUERADE, our glamorous murder mystery written especially for hen nights.

We specialise in private parties, to ensure your night is really special. Minimum number of 8 guests applies.

Find out more about MASQUERADE and why a Blue Murder Event makes a hen night to remeber by following the link below. Alternatively, email hennights@bluemurderevents.co.uk


Page Turner
Game Description

World-famous gothic romance novelist Stella Wincott is holding a lavish party in the Wincott mansion to celebrate the release of her new novel, The Noise Upstairs, about a woman who discovers that her husband has been abducted and is being kept in the attic of a historic hotel?a typical Stella Wincott plot. Stella has been rising steadily in popularity in the genre since her debut fifteen years ago. Since she writes two or three novels a year, there must be a reason she?s gathered her closest friends around her and has spared no expense in putting together the party?there?s even an ice sculpture, a dripping replica of Michelangelo's David in the middle of the dining table. It?s a dark and stormy night, and the snow is blowing so hard that Stella and Alan have extended invitations for all their guests to stay the night. Everyone has accepted. Midway through cocktails, a woman named Nina Hart knocks at the door. Her car has died at the side of the road, and she needs to use the telephone to call a towing company. Stella's husband Alan has just taken Nina to the kitchen to find a spare phone when Stella stands up from the divan she?s been enthroned on: ?I have an announcement?? she begins. And then the lights go out. …

The Guest List

Here is list of Stella?s nearest and dearest she invited to her book launch.

Alan Wincott
-Exactly the kind of husband you?d want as a writer: rich!

Nina Hart - Stranded Traveller - Her car broke down on a dark and snowy night outside a mysterious mansion?

Martin Kale ? Stella?s agent - A practical man whose talent includes stroking egos.

Wallace Diggory ? Eccentric Local Doctor Wild-haired, wild-eyed, and sometimes more charming than he should be.

Stacy Diggory ? Dr. Diggory?s niece - Blonde, gorgeous, and utterly devoted to her dear uncle.

Ed Broadbent ? Neighbour - Rugged, handsome, tall, and dark.

Mac Taylor ? Mystery Writer, Member of Stella?s Writing Group - He hasn?t sold much; his mysteries don?t ?play fair.?

May Walker ? Stella?s Friend - Either she?s lived an interesting life, or she?s lying for the fun of it.

Janet Jarrow ? Stella?s Friend - Of the three friends, she?s the practical one who puts planning into practice.

Missy Dodd ? Stella?s Mother- Missy tried to give her children a normal life.

Bella Gospodyni ? Member of Stella?s Writing Group - Espionage/thriller writer with a mysterious past?or at least a Russian accent.

Cyrus Dodd - He?s always been the little brother.

If you would like to find out more about Page Turner as a Blue Murder Event, please contact us

It is 1978. Screaming Blue Murder are the hottest band on the rock ‘n' roll scene. Big hair, tight lycra, a face full of make-up, lyrics that would make your mother blush and a lock-up-your-daughters approach to dating has made the four band members heroes to just about every teenager


Here are some companies who have booked a Blue Murder Event:

  • AMS Ltd
  • Tesco
  • SpecSavers
  • The Jennifer Brown Research Trust