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Are you looking for a game for a special occassion? Perhaps you want a game set around a particular theme, event or person? Maybe you need a game for a specific number of people. Whatever your requirements, we can write a game especially for you, tailored to meet the specific needs of your events. Find out more about commissioned games by emailing us for a no obligation quote.

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There were several companies of dancers at the Mirage hotel in Vegas, and Alpha Company was the best in the business. The girls were beautiful, fit, and very talented. With a top make up artist and choreographer, not to mention the hottest young director in the business, there was nothing that this dance team couldn?t do. They had been practicing this routine for weeks now, and had it down pat. The debut performance was set for seven o?clock tonight for the mayor and his wife. The dress rehearsal went perfectly, and they were sure they were in for a rave review. The mayor and his wife personally toured back stage and met all of the dancers before the performance. Right before curtain call, they found that one of the dancers was missing...

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Blue Murder Games (referred to as "we", "our" and "us" in these terms) suggest that the customer (referred to as "you" and "your" in these terms) should spend some time in reading through these terms of trading. These Terms and Conditions shall apply above all other unless written deviation is granted. We want you to feel confident in accepting the Goods we offer. If you have any questions or queries relating to any of these terms, please feel free to contact us before you enter into the contract.

1.0 Formation of contract

1.1 Electronic Download
The sale constitutes an agreement binding on both parties. When the order and payment have been authorized you will be sent by email a unique link to allow access to your download page.. This period of access is limited to 48 hours from authorization.

1.2 Discretion
All orders are dependant of reliance of these terms and conditions, if these cannot be accepted then it will be at the management's discretion to enter into a binding contract.

2. Payment terms
Payment will be in the form of an electronic transaction, this is a secure transaction through ?Pay Pal?, once the payment is accepted, notification will be sent to both parties.

3. Prices
All prices are fixed and firm at the time of the contract. All prices may be subject to local tax at the rate currently in force at the time of this contract. Payment will be in GBP.

4. Intellectual property rights.
When the payment has been made you will be granted a right to use the goods in the manner which they were designed. If you have purchased a game them you will purchase the right to play the game accordingly. This right is personal to the purchaser only and does not allow for public or commercial venture without permission of Creative Parties.

On receipt of payment, details of your chosen game will be sent to you. Copyright of all our games vests in Blue Murder Games. The games may be used by you and may not be copied, reused by another party, published, broadcast or distributed by any means other than with the express permission of Blue Murder Games. Without prejudice to the foregoing generality, specifically  said games may not be copied, reused,  published broadcast or distributed over the world wide web.

4.1 There is also no right of the purchaser to use the games for Charity either by way of sale of by way of playing the game for fund raising, should this however be a requirement then permission must be sought from Creative Parties.

4.2 Blue Murder Games retain all copyrights in the games and these rights will be defended accordingly.

5. Your responsibilities
On purchasing you undertake to use the goods including the game responsibly and in accordance with all international and local laws. We do not accept and claim or liability howsoever caused arising from any such breach.

5.1 The games sold are for entertainment purposes only; these are in no way to be taken seriously. The games by their nature are violent and allow for certain characters of the games to be brutally killed. We do not condone the use of any violence to play these games and as such we do not accept any liability for injury that may follow from your own actions.

6. Amendments
We reserve the right to revise these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice, we also reserve the right to modify, suspend or change any or all of the services offered without notice.

7. Unforeseen circumstances
Should you be unable to download the games for any reason we would ask you to inform us as soon as possible by either email or phone as listed on the web site, we will undertake to rectify this within 14 days, however if this is going to be a problem please contact us for quicker rectification. Rectification will be made by hard copy should electronic means be unavailable. This will be seen as fulfillment of the order.

8. Limitation of liability
Our liability howsoever caused shall be limited to the net contract value only.

9. Cancellation Policy
You have the right to cancel any order you place with Blue Murder Games within seven days of receipt of order. A full refund will be given if the goods have not yet been dispatched.

10. Returns Policy
We are sure you will be happy with the goods that you may purchase from Blue Murder Games. However, in the event that you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please return the item(s) unused with a letter outlining the fault within seven days of receipt of the goods. A refund (in the event of faulty goods) or credit note will be issued within seven days from receipt of your letter. This does not apply to customised games that have been designed just for you where no refund will be given once work has commenced on the game. This does not affect your statutory rights.

11. Discretion

By making payment for the games and services of Blue Murder Games, you shall be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions as laid out in this contract. This contract shall be governed by the law of Scotland.


It is 1978. Screaming Blue Murder are the hottest band on the rock ‘n' roll scene. Big hair, tight lycra, a face full of make-up, lyrics that would make your mother blush and a lock-up-your-daughters approach to dating has made the four band members heroes to just about every teenager

"Well we played the game last night and it was excellent!  It took us about 20 mins to relax but once we all got into character it was fantastic. The only person who guessed the murderer was my 10 year old son.  Perhaps because everyone was telling him their secrets! I thoroughly enjoyed all the preparation for it and made sure I just printed off the last 2 pages at the end of the night so not even I knew who did it, and there was no way I was going to read all the character profiles, they looked far too in-depth! Anyway, thanks again for writing it.  Our New Year's party will be one to remember."

Wendy Brook, The Show Must Go On.